Marsha Looper - For Colorado House District 19


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January 23, 2014

It is a privilege to announce that I am running for re-election in 2010 in House District 19 for the Colorado House of Representatives. I have remained unwavering to my promise to be your voice at the State Capitol, and together we have accomplished phenomenal things. Now, more than ever, your voice must be heard as we move forward to face the challenges ahead!

It has been my honor to represent you and your family the past three years in the Peoples' House. In that brief period of time, and in the face of the State's budget shortfalls and the downturn in our economy, we have been extremely successful in pursing state policy and issues that directly benefit our district. My record includes the passage of 21 pieces of significant legislation. These bills were all in response to ideas, issues and concerns brought to me by the citizens of House District 19, and their steadfast assistance has made this accomplishment possible.

These new policies reflect the commitment and passion I have for the all of the citizens of House District 19. I believe it is vital to continue our fight for the values and principles that framed this country: PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and a STRONG DEFENSE. It is also critical to ensure that we have enough WATER and NATURAL RESOURCES to sustain our communities and families. Our future depends on winning these battles!

The Colorado spirit is alive and well in House District 19, and TOGETHER we will continue to frame legislation and debates important to the citizens of Fountain, Calhan, Security, Falcon, Widefield, Ellicott, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Ramah, Rush and Hanover. With my family, friends and supporters by my side, we will continue to fight for values, principles and issues important to our district and state.



State Representative Marsha Looper

Colorado House of Representatives, District 19
Ag., Livestock & Natural Resources Committee
Transportation & Energy Committee