Marsha Looper - For Colorado House District 19


Marsha Looper On The Issues

Agriculture is a vital part of Colorado’s future, playing a unique role in our economic strength, providing over 100,500 jobs and generating over $16 billion dollars of economic activity annually. Colorado farmers and ranchers help to feed the world, exporting nearly $1 billion dollars in food products annually. Colorado’s agriculture industry requires an estimated 9,000 ­ 10,000 seasonal workers annually and faces critical shortages of seasonal workers.

The Colorado Nonimmigrant Agricultural Seasonal Worker Pilot Program is NOT an amnesty program, NOT a path to citizenship, and NOT an open door to illegal workers.

The intent of HB08-1325, the Colorado Nonimmigrant Agriculture Seasonal Worker Pilot Program is to expedite the seasonal worker recruitment, application, and approval process in compliance with the existing federal H-2A certification process so that eligible workers may come to Colorado legally, safely and in a timely manner to meet the demands of Colorado farmers. (See talking points.)

Volunteer Firefighters

Volunteer Firefighter Job Protections-Colorado is home to some of the most compassionate and understanding employers in America! We thank and honor those employers who are willing to hire these courageous men and women who are sometimes called away to save our communities from the destruction of a catastrophic fire. But, unfortunately there are some municipalities and large businesses that refuse to allow their non-essential employees to leave work when called upon as volunteer firefighters to save their communities, and consequently, many risk losing their jobs if they respond!

To address this issue, it has been my privilege to work with Fountain City Council Member Lois Landgraff, Fountain Fire Chief Darin Anstine, Colorado Springs Fire Chief Manual Navarro, Fire Chief Paul Cooke of the Colorado Fire Chief’s Association and Senator Kester on a bill (SB08-116) that will protect those volunteer firefighters who may need to leave work to respond to a catastrophic fire within their respective communities.

Horse License Plates

This year marks an historic year for 100,000+ horse enthusiasts of Colorado! The General Assembly overwhelmingly supported SB178, a license plate bill that honors the contributions of the horse industry in Colorado.

Colorado's frontier image and culture would not be complete without the contributions of the horse! Home to over 256,000 + horses, horse ownership is one of the fastest growing segments of Colorado's livestock industry. The horse industry contributes over $1.6 billion dollars annually to our economy, and generates approximately $21 million dollars in annual taxes.

The Colorado Horse Development Authority and the Colorado Horse Council license plate registry has registered over 3,000 enthusiasts who are waiting to purchase these plates. The Horse License Plates are available for purchase through the Colorado Horse Development Authority at 303-292-4981.