Marsha Looper - For Colorado House District 19

On The Issues - 2009


The ongoing questions about water quality and availability in HD19 need our attention! Protecting and conserving our water resources is vital! Marsha has the vision to provide the leadership necessary to address this challenge! See the Rainwater Harvesting-Bill (HB09_1129) and Fiscal Note to review the feasibility of a Pilot Program for Rain Water Harvesting for Residential Developments. Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have been harvesting rainwater from rooftops for years. This is a conservation measure worth looking at in our state. It is estimated that there would be a 20-30% consumptive use water savings. (Also see the Senate bill Rainwater Collection for Limited Exemptions (SB09-08) and Fiscal Note.)

Also see 2008 legislation on Small Capacity, Residential Well Ownership Tracking, HB08-1014, and talking points. Also see 2007 legislation on Disclosure of Water Sources in Connection with the Sale of Residential RealProperty, HB07-1156.)



Our brave men and women serving their country deserve our respect and gratitude! Their service should be honored by ensuring that their benefits are maintained. Marsha strongly supports Referendum E providing military property tax exemptions, the T*A*P*S organization, and the efforts to establish a National Veteran's Cemetery in El Paso County. (Read more).

Marsha has introduced the bill Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Surviving Spouses of Combat Soldiers (HB09-1054). Also see the bills introduced in 2009: Voting by Overseas Armed Forces (HB09-1205) and Colorado Youth Challenge Corps (HB09-1280).

Business and Economic Development

As a rancher, Realtor and small business owner, Marsha understands the important role of business and free enterprise in our society. Management and planning for growth are critical to ensure that El Paso County remains economically vibrant.


Private Property Rights

Marsha was instrumental in the passage of 6 landmark bills to protect our private property rights! She also authored a ballot initiative. More legislation is needed to prevent eminent domain from being used for private gain. (Read more).

Tough on Crime

Rep. Marsha Looper, R-Calhan, introduced legislation to ensure victim's rights are secured. House Bill 1081 extends the length of the statute of limitations for vehicular homicides from three years to five years. Looper’s bill follows a tragic accident that happened in El Paso County in 2003. See the bill: Increasing Statutory Limitations for Vehicular Homicide from 3-5 years and Fiscal Note.